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November 17, 2018

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Lancaster 200mm holesaw

  • Item Name: Lancaster 200mm holesaw
  • Category: Power & Electrical Supplies
  • Brand: Lancaster
  • Price: 57$ (92$)
  • Discount: 35% Off
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      Are you concerned about the safety of your employees in terms of electricity handling? Do you have fear of your kids being exposed to dangerous electrical wires and switches all the time? Rest assured and give all your worries to AGM Electrical New Zealand. We are the customer-oriented electrical wholesalers who ensure that our customers are always safe and at peace with our Lancaster 200mm holesaw. We offer state-of-the-art holesaw to everyone who seeks to have something reliable and affordable in one go. Our 100% original and high-performing Lancaster holesaw products are made with the premium quality material to serve you for years to come. At the AGM Online Electrical Store, you can find the best Lancaster Power & Electrical Supplies deals and order right away for your next electrical venture. AGM Electrical New Zealand offers a wide range of Lancaster 200mm holesaw that are designed with sheer diligence and expertise of our experts. From the small-scale to commercial demand of Lancaster 200mm holesaw, we cater to all of them with sufficiency and absolute customer satisfaction.

      35% Off holesaw Offers

      AGM Electrical New Zealand has an unimpeachable record of happy customers owing to its versatile and efficient holesaw by Lancaster products. We deliver Lancaster 200mm holesaw products to every corner of New Zealand. Our international customers are equally satisfied as our email and call facility is always at your service. AGM Electrical New Zealand thrives to bring quality and quantity together as visibly appealing and functionally efficient Lancaster 200mm holesaw products. Among the long list of exceptional Lancaster holesaw from AGM Electrical New Zealand, Lancaster 200mm holesaw, and Power & Electrical Supplies are highly coveted for their features and powerful performance. Some of the top-selling holesaw products in Power & Electrical Supplies category are Lancaster 200mm holesaw Products. All these products are designed to be the safest while the user is handling them. Although they are powerful in their performance, but will always be within your budget with our discounts and special holesaw deals.

      holesaw Product Description

      Item Number: LHS200
      Brand: LANCASTER
      Description: LANCASTER M42 BI-METAL HOLESAW 200mm

      Product Features

      • M42 Grade Steel Holesaws
      • 8% Cobalt
      • Variable Pitch
      • Industrial Quality
      • Suitable for wood, plastics, cast iron, brass, stainless steel, bronze, aluminium, MDF, particle board, mild steel and more

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